The journey that led to HoneyBox Photo...

Melissa Ransom Tenorio is a South Florida portrait photographer specializing in children and families. She is also Mom to Madisson and Wynnie, and Wife to Joseph. Her journey behind a lens began as a teen when she learned to create beautiful images which she processed and developed in a Texas high school darkroom. Her passion for the art of photography never left her heart, though her initial career path took a different direction. Melissa spent a decade managing watch and jewelry luxury retail boutiques in Las Vegas, before taking time to fully focus on motherhood and family. As her children continued to grow, and she continued to capture their memory in photos, she could only picture herself in one career, that of a photographer. She then found herself back in the classroom to finish what she had started many years prior.

Melissa is a perfectionist whose attention to detail assists in mastering her craft. Her experience managing successful businesses for companies known globally as leaders in extraordinary customer service has given her a platform to offer the same to her clients. Melissa is a true believer that photographs are both art and necessity.

"We need to preserve time and emotion, and the best way to do that is to freeze the moment that you're in, for you'll never get it back again."

- Melissa Ransom Tenorio